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  • Ruth

Take Courage. Be Brave!

Put on your armour and stand up brave

Laugh in the face of fear

Be confident in your Father's love

For His promises to you are near

They are your shield against the arrows

the lies that would sow doubt

And keep you from believing

that you're standing on solid ground

Find rest in trusting Him

for what He says is true

His everlasting arms, like a wall of protection,

are securely wrapped around you.

Trusting God takes courage. It takes bravery. It takes 'the' discipline to keep your eyes off the circumstance and the thoughts that would lie and tell you that what God said isn't true. It takes stepping forward with absolute persuasion that His words will be so and you will see it manifest in your life, with your very own eyes.

When the enemy comes with lies, that you will never see breakthrough, that things will only get worse, he is trying to instill fear in your heart, trying to get you to doubt the goodness of your heavenly Papa and cause you to abandon all hope that you will see your Father act on your behalf.

There's something about 'taking' and 'being' that calls us to action. Dear daughter of God, 'take' heart, 'be' strong, 'be' courageous, hear and follow after Your Father's heart and intentions toward you ~

'My daughter, I am with you, I am holding your hand. We are walking together. I have plans to prosper you, to give you an incredible future and a hope. My plans toward you are not to harm you or cause you pain but to lead you into everlasting joy and peace. I am taking you into a day in which you will know me deeply. Keep your eyes fixed on Me and do not let other voices teach you otherwise. I love you and I have everything under control. Do you trust me?'


Conversations with God

Yes Lord, I trust You! You are my God and I know that You work ALL things together for my good. Keep me close to You. Remind me of the truth when the enemy comes in with a flood of lies and help me to keep on standing, to not make room for doubt and fear so that I may keep on moving forward with You. Thank You so much that I may know You, that You make Yourself known to me, and make Your heart home with me. Thank You that I'm never alone and that we are walking together.


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